I am overwhelmed. This is a big win for humanity. I can only hope that this good will and love spreads over to countries that haven’t made the change as yet. 

People are people. 

Discrimination against color, gender and relegion cannot be justified. If you judge someone by their capacity to love, then I do not want to live in the same world as you. If you use tradition or history as an excuse, then I wonder what you’re doing operating a computer or smartphone. If relegion is your agenda, I urge you to spend your time in following the aspect of it that teaches you to love first. 

Love will always win. Before you end up being lonely, broaden your horizons. Acceptance will bring you peace, peace will bring you love. I want to see the world dancing among the rainbow colors of affection and unity. Choice in whom we marry, whether it be man or woman is our own to make.

Love is easier than hate. We need to grow not just in knowledge, but emotions as well. 

I cannot be more pleased by the decision that has been made by the Supreme Court. They have shown us what love can achieve. Love has no limits, no boundaries. 



I’m not really the blogging kind.

“Never lose the opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s own handwriting”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’m not really the blogging kind. I’ve always held the tenacity to think that bloggers required secretly extroverted personalities, and I don’t fit into that prototype. Only recently did the foolishness of my reasoning strike me. I’m embarrassed by my own categorization.

I was more of a lover of fiction in all its ambitious scope for imagination.

What might have brought about this change of heart? The answer lies among the WordPress bloggers themselves. These past few months, I have been nothing more than a silent observer in this vast sea of writing. Food blogs with their spicy aroma, wafting through the letters, personal blogs showing off their well-worn edges, sports blogs with the thrill of an adrenaline rush, and so many more, each emitting a unique fragrance that cannot be replicated.

You’ll have tempted me, with the fresh red fruit of the written word. I am sinking my teeth in, unknowing and naive. Starting something new has always been accompanied by a fluttering feeling in the pit of my stomach. I crave approval and flinch from disregard, but I implore that you ignore my petty reactions, as I lie on the platter of judgment, and hand you the carving knife. You may nitpick at the bones of my errors, while I derive a sadistic pleasure from improvement.

As for the content of my blog, I often find it immensely troubling when I cannot affirm myself to be loyal to a singular topic. Therefore, I shall follow the tide as it carries me. A student, a writer, a woman, a daughter and a dreamer. Whichever among these aspects of my whole decides to come out to play, will result in the topics I choose for your interest.

I hope you anticipate my shaky first steps and my growth, as I record it into the short excerpts of writing commonly termed as a blog.

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